NVQ Diploma Level 3 - 5


Health and Social Care • Child Care

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Vocational training
Vocational training

Vocational Training enables you to take your first stride into the region of health education in London...

Recruitment agencies central London
Recruitment agencies

We are a leader in education and social work recruitment in London. We have years knowledge...

Care training providers
Training in social care

You're assigned professional, who specialises in your chosen social care sector, works...

Health and social care diploma
Health and social care courses

We will take the hassle out of getting you work by presenting a spectrum of roles that fit your knowledge...


London Academy
& Recruitment Centre

London Academy & Recruitment Centre is one of the leading recruitment agencies in London for the Diploma in health and social care.

Since established, we provide professional care training providers across a wide range of organisations in London. The core business of London Academy & Recruitment Centre is to provide vocational training, care services, social work training in London.

We provide professional and timely recruiting solutions through the screening & placement of skilled professionals in various health and social region. Through our health and social care courses, we are centralised on building relationships with specialist communities who are candidates for our brand. This provides us access to a much wider talent pool who are not naturally active job seekers but may be the ideal fit for the job.

Our recruitment procedure is the most advanced and upgraded in the industry. We have created a structured and organized approach to assessing talent on technical skills. We share our insights and assessment results when producing talent so that you can make faster and better hiring decisions.

Vocational schools in London

All of our recruitment professionals have direct experience knowledge in the social care and health industry and acknowledge the requirements of both staff and organisations. Whether you are seeking for your dream job or seeking to employ a talented expert, London Academy & Recruitment Centre can assist you.


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The Old Dispensary, 30 Romford Road, Stratford London, E15 4BZ.